Build a Better Box Design Contest Instructions

The deadline for entries was June 1, 2020.

Participate in our contest and win $700 USD and a stay at a sea turtle project in Mexico!
Sea turtles are endangered species; they need people’s help.
We put the eggs in Styrofoam boxes to protect them from poachers, animals and waves.
But the boxes never biodegrade! Let’s kick the Styrofoam habit!
Help us Build a Better Box for Sea Turtles! You could win cash and a real sea turtle conservation experience! Watch the bilingual video and read the rules below (set language to Spanish if desired).


Anyone can enter! Send us your box design. The rules are the container must:
· Hold about 100 ping pong sized eggs with room for sand on all sides of the nest
· Maintain a relatively constant temperature of 30C but no higher than 35C or lower than 25C.
· Last at least one year.
· When filled with sand and eggs, be sturdy and lightly enough for an adult to carry (less than 20 kilos).
· Keep sand moisture in but allow drainage of excess water from developing turtles.
· Allow gas exchange for developing turtles to breathe.
· Keep predators like ants and cats out
· Be relatively easy to assemble anywhere in the world (especially the tropics where turtles nest).
· Be low cost (preferably less than US$5 per box).
· Importantly…. be good for the planet! For example, be non-toxic, or biodegradable, or recyclable, or use natural or post-consumer materials, etc.

To enter the contest, send a short video (in English or Spanish) describing yourself with your contact information, and detailed instructions or drawings on how to build your box to If your video is over 25MB upload your private video to Youtube and send us the link.

We will confirm receipt of all entries and build and test the top rated designs in the field. If your box performs the best, you will win the cash prize and be invited to see your box in action in Mexico!

Visit for more details or write to

The deadline for entries is June 1, 2020
Good luck!