Location and Prices


We seek an open-minded person to help August 20 to Oct 20, 2018 in San Pancho, Mexico. San Pancho is a very safe coastal village near Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Interns live in an apartment with other volunteers sharing a bathroom and kitchen. Turtle duties include night patrols for females and sunset hatchling releases. For your research project you will collect and analyze field data on climate change impacts to the nesting beach.

Sample package 2019 : ground transportation, room and board, 3 units SDSU credit, research equipment, health/travel insurance, donation to the community, and fees. Scholarships are available and financial aid can be used. Extra options: cell phone, language classes, tours/expeditions.

Please contact Katherine Comer Santos at info@thescienceexchange.org for a price quote on packages in Mexico, the Caribbean, or Central America.

Sample breakdown
Room and board and field trips and supplies during training 13%
Food, supplies, utilities and donation to the camp 18%
Ground transportation 6%
Research equipment, supplies, academic materials 8%
International health and travel insurance 2%
Add on tuition at SDSU (3 units Biology Special Studies) 14%
TSE fees – overhead, recruitment, research plan development, training, administration of credits 29%
The Ocean Foundation admin charge 10%
Total 100%
Total cost after $500 in scholarships $5,500