Location and Prices

Sample package: 2 months sea turtle data collection in Mexico, Bahamas or Costa Rica. From $5500 for ground transportation, room, 2 meals a day, 3 units SDSU credit, research equipment, health/travel insurance, donation to the community, and fees. Scholarships are available and financial aid can be used. Extra options: cell phone, language classes, tours/expeditions.

Please call Katherine Comer Santos at 619-519-9876 or email us at info@thescienceexchange.org for a price quote on packages in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, or Brazil.

Sample breakdown
Room and board and field trips and supplies during training 13%
Food, supplies, utilities and donation to the camp 18%
Ground transportation 6%
Research equipment, supplies, academic materials 8%
International health and travel insurance 2%
Add on tuition at SDSU (3 units Biology Special Studies) 14%
TSE fees – overhead, recruitment, research plan development, training, administration of credits 29%
The Ocean Foundation admin charge 10%
Total 100%
Total cost after $500 in scholarships $5,500