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Katherine E. Comer Santos

Katherine Comer Santos founded The Science Exchange Sea Turtle Internship Program in 2006. The mission of the non-profit is to train the next generation to be scientifically literature, international team players through our two-month field research internships in Latin America and the Caribbean. Katherine was introduced to sea turtle field research in graduate school while developing a habitat suitability index model for nesting sea turtles at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station in Cuba. She fell in love with turtles and subsequently helped write two book chapters on sea turtle conservation in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Katherine recently gave up her job as a Biologist at the City of San Diego and now lives in Jalisco, Mexico working full time as The Science Exchange Director and as an Adjunct Research Associate at San Diego State University. She, her interns, and many collaborators study beach pollution, water quality, nest site preferences, climate change impacts on nesting beaches and fishing impacts on faunal assemblages. Katherine also enjoys traveling, eating, surfing, and music. Katherine’s CV_2019.

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Grants Coordinator

Dr. Sue Koscinski

Susan holds a Ph.D from the University of Georgia. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, with a major in Biology.  In 1980 she received an Masters in Learning Disabilities from the University of Georgia.  In addition to writing her dissertation and teaching,  she published three articles in the Journal of Learning Disabilities and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice.  Her personal interests are in travel and playing bridge.