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awardaward3go abroad cert gave The Science Exchange their highest star verification for business excellence.

The Science Exchange was honored with the San Diego Earthworks award in 2017 for our environmental impacts!

We were named EcoAmbassadors for our environmental education programs by SDGE and Channel 8 News in San Diego in 2010.

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Student and Parent Comments

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Interview with 2016 Intern Liberty Boyd 

Thank you so so much for this amazing experience it truly affected me in ways I did not expect and allowed me opportunities in marine biology that I never would have had if I had not come here. I will be forever grateful for this experience and the ways that it has changed me and look forward to applying what I have learned here to whatever I may pursue in the future. I hope that many others get the chance to experience what I have! Thank you for being a leader in helping marine life and providing a way for undergraduates to get hands on research experience! -Katie Toon, Mexico

“I have presented my research, gained lifelong friends, made important connections in the Marine Science field, and overall expanded my horizons and possibilities for myself in this career. I am forever grateful for this program, and I wish I could go back every summer!” Laura Thorton, Bahamas

“My work in Mexico is probably one of the best experiences of my life that I feel helps me even now” Jay Shaker, Mexico

“It was amazing. It changed me as a person. Maybe this is a feeling that is not meant to be shared out loud…there is just a chunk taken out of me and left in Mexico. There’s a void that will not be filled until reunite with my Mexican family.   The beautiful rush of research and majestic sea turtle life will come back as well.” Kelly, Mexico

“This program allows you to immerse yourself as much as you’re comfortable with in both another culture and in scientific growth. This internship is perfect for students just starting their scientific careers at a university level who are looking to gain valuable experience in the field of conservation biology.” Claire, Costa Rica

“The placement was challenging in itself in terms of the isolation of camp from civilization, which gave me another opportunity for personal growth! was able to see and learn so much about the wildlife that surrounded us and I felt very connected to the conservation work we were doing. The internship was overall a wonderful experience.” Julia, Costa Rica

“Sitting on the beach, alone, the peace of that beach and the tranquility was amazing. The people in town were also very friendly, this experience has truly changed my life.” Chris, Baja California, Mexico

Parent Comments

“My daughter’s experience has helped her grow and expand her global awareness in ways that would not have been possible without the support of the Science Exchange and the SDSU opportunity. I visited the site for a week to see the work. I found her be exceedingly respected by her peers and mentors as well as responsible and accountable for the work she did each night with the turtles. I greatly appreciate the mentoring you have provided. Her writing and statistical calculation skills have improved as she edited the abstract over several months and she is certainly inspired to excel in her classes and put this passion for the environment to work. Thank you for all you do to support her and the other young aspiring environmentalists and biologists.”  Rose Baxter, Mexico

“I had the privilege of visiting my son during his stay. We had the opportunity to meet Katherine Comer Santos and some of the other participants in the program. We visited my son’s site along with another location in Mayto. What an incredible experience! We witnessed a sea turtle laying eggs and were able to assist in the release of some recently hatched turtles. The Mayto camp was a well organized, clean, safe and in a beautiful location! My son’s location was in a beautiful natural setting , well off the beaten track. My son’s exposure of the Mexican culture along with his experience with conservation hopefully taught him many meaningful life lessons that will serve him well in the future.” Andrea Garbarini, Mexico


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