Internships for College Credit

We are the only non-profit organization that creates affordable, customized, field-based sea turtle research internship packages for undergraduate and graduate science students from around the world. Our Vision is to create leaders who use science, technology, and international teamwork to tackle global conservation issues.


Whale_Research (winter)

Combo Turtle-Bird Internships (summer)

Whale Sharks (winter)

Where We Work

Interns go to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and other Latin American sites. They work at a sea turtle research center on the beach or in a lab, collect data in the field for their research project, and immerse themselves in the local culture!

Our Interns

Future scientists live and work side-by-side with local researchers and fishermen.

*Interns can earn 3 to 9 units of university credit.

Our Program's Difference

Conduct Your Own Research Project

Intense Cultural Immersion

Partial Scholarships

All inclusive packages that fit your schedule, budget, and language abilities

Opportunity to publish your work at professional conferences.

For non-U.S. students, no 1-20 visa needed!

We Take Action

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Our Impact

We create leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through our hands-on research experiences.


68% of our interns have presented at professional conferences or have published their research.

published Interns 68%
Sea Turtle Hatchlings Released by Interns


85% of our interns receive some form of scholarship to help finance their internship.

Receive Scholarships 85%
Pieces of Trash Removed



“This program is not only a wonderful way to get more involved in ecological research, but also an awesome cultural opportunity,” Jennifer Cheatham, Costa Rica Intern


“I feel significantly more prepared for applying to graduate school and the expectations of being a marine biologist” Liberty Boyd, Bahamas Intern


“Life changing experience. 10/10. I would do it again!” Jeff Weaver, Mexico Intern 


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We offer affordable internship packages to graduate and undergraduate students from around the world.

Our Academic Partners

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